About Us

The Albert Lea Audubon Society was begun in 1948 with 16 charter members.

Its stated purposes were:Cardinal

  •  To stimulate among its members and the community an increased interest in ecology and nature study, particularly ornithology
  •  To promote sound conservation policies
  •  To develop programs that would contribute to civic and cultural life
  •  To do these things through educational, scientific, literary, historical and charitable pursuits


These statements were reaffirmed in 1983 when the Society was incorporated, and a Foundation was established.

The Albert Lea Audubon has, for all these years, sponsored among other things:

White-crowned Sparrow

  • Field trips
  • Scholarships
  • Audubon Adventures programs for area classrooms
  • A booth at the Freeborn County Fair
  • Participation in the annual nationwide Christmas Bird Count.




We look forward to doing more of the same, along with exciting new projects, to continue the mission set forth in 1948.

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Please help, as you are able, with your moral and financial support, and your willingness to volunteer for special projects.


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